HC Deb 08 August 1919 vol 119 c773

After Section fifty-eight of the principal Act the following Section shall be inserted: 58a. The registration of a design shall have to all intents the like effect as against His Majesty the King as it has against a subject: Provided that any Government Department may, by themselves or by such of their agents, contractors or others, as may be authorised in writing by them, at any time after the Registration of a design, use the design for the service of the Crown on such terms as may, either before or after the use thereof, be agreed, on with the approval of the Treasury, between the Department and thy proprietor of the registered design, or, in default of agreement, as may be settled by the Treasury after hearing all parties interested, and the terms of any agreement or licence concluded between the proprietor of the design and any person other than a Government Department shall be inoperative so far as concerns the use of the design for the service of the Crown.


I beg to move, to leave out from the word "that" ["Provided that any Government Department may"], to the end of the Clause, and to insert instead thereof the words "the pro visions of Section twenty-nine of this Act shall be read as though they applied to registered designs."

I want to have the power for the Government to take a new design, and the method of ascertaining what the Government shall pay shall be the same in respect of designs as in respect of patents.

Amendment agreed to.