HC Deb 02 May 1918 vol 105 cc1694-5

asked the Minister of Munitions if he can furnish particulars of the seventy Departments of the Ministry of Munitions and the name of the chief official in charge of each?


I have arranged for my hon. Friend to be furnished with a list of the principal Departments of the Ministry and the names of the officials in charge.

The following is the list referred to:

Name of Department. Head of Department.
Explosives Supply Director-General Right Hon. Lord Moulton, C.B.E., K.C.B.
Controller Major A. Corbett.
Mineral Oil Controller Sir Arthur C Churchman, Bart.
Chemical Warfare Controller Major-General H. F. Thuillier C. B., C. M. G.
Gun Ammunition Manufacture Controller Mr. C. H. Stevens, C.B.E.
Gun Ammunition Filling Controller Brig-Gen. L. C. P. Milman, C.M.G.
Trench Warfare Supply Controller Mr. E. V. Haigh, C.B.E.
Timber Supplies Controller Mr. D. Bain, C.B.E.
Area Organisation Director Hon. H. D. McLaren, C.B.E., M.P.
Small Arms Ammunition Controller Mr. Lewis Gordon, C.B.E.
Gauges Director Mr. M. F. Ryan.
Engineering Controller Mr. J. B. Maclean, C.B.E.
Gun Manufacture Controller Mr. V. B. Stewart, C.B.E.
Small Arms and Machine Gun Controller Lieut-Col. S. C Halse, C.M.G
Aircraft Production Director-General Vacant—consequent upon the appointment of Sir William Weir as Air Minister.
Assistant Director- General Sir Henry Fowler, K.B.E.
Supply (Aircraft Production) Controller Brig.-Gen. W. Alexander, D.S.O.
Technical (Aircraft Production) Controller Lieut.-Col. J. G. Weir, C.M.G.
Inspection (Aircraft Production) Director Lieut.-Col. R. K. Baguall-Wild.
American Assembly (Aircraft production) Controller Mr. Alexander Duckham.
Mechanical Warfare Controller Vice-Admiral Sir A. G. H. W. Moore, K.C.B., C.V.O.
Mechanical Warfare (Overseas and Allies Commissioner Lieut.-Col. A. G. Stern, C.M.G.
Agricultural Machinery Director Mr. H. C. B. Underdown.
Machine Tools Controller Mr. E. M. Iliffe.
Mechanical Transport Director Lieut.-Col. C. V. Holbrook.
Electric Power Supply Labour Group Mr. A. Gridley.
Labour Regulation Controller (ranking as Assistant Secretary) Mr. H. Wolfe, C.B.E.
Labour Supply (Civil) Director Mr. T. M. Taylor, C.B.E.
Labour Supply (Military) Director Mr. J. A. Barlow, C.B.E.
Labour Adviser Sir Thomas Munro, K.B.E.
Lands (for War Office and Ministry of Munitions) Director-General Sir Howard Frank, F.S.I.
Munitions Works Board Chairman Mr. J. Carmichael, J.P.