HC Deb 03 July 1918 vol 107 cc1799-800

(1) For the yearly sum payable to the Central Welsh Board under the scheme regulating the intermediate and technical education fund of any county, as defined by the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889, there shall be substituted—

  1. (a) a yearly sum equal to a percentage not exceeding twenty-two and a half per cent. fixed from time to time at a uniform rats for every county by the Central Welsh Board of the sum produced by a rate of one halfpenny in the pound for the preceding year, calculated in the manner provided by Sub-section (3) of Section eight of the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889; and
  2. (b) a yearly sum equal to five per cent. of the net income for the preceding year of any endowment comprised in the intermediate and technical education fund of the county, or, in the alternative, for each year during such period as may be agreed with the Central Welsh Board, such yearly sum as that Board may agree to accept in lieu thereof.

(2) For the purpose of ascertaining the said net income there shall be deducted from the gross income all proper expenses and outgoings in respect of administration and management of the endowment (including charges for interest on and repayment of loans and replacement of capital), and any sums required by the scheme to be treated as capital, and the term "endowment" shall include augmentations acquired by the investment of surplus income whether derived from endowment, or county rate, or from any other source, but not property occupied for the purposes of the scheme.

(3) The power of charging capitation fees for scholars offered for examination conferred on the Central Welsh Board by the scheme of thirteenth day of May, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, regulating the Central Welsh Intermediate Education Fund shall cease.

(4) The provisions of this Section shall have effect and be construed as part of the schemes regulating the Central Welsh Intermediate Education Fund and the intermediate and technical education funds of counties in Wales and Monmouthshire, and may be repealed or altered by future schemes accordingly.—[Sir H. Roberts.]

Brought up, and read the first time.


I beg to move, "That the Clause be read a second time."

The object of the Clause is to secure a uniform rate of contribution from the county governing bodies of Wales towards the expenses of the Central Welsh Board. When the Central Board was set up in the year 1895 certain contributions were fixed which undoubtedly served the purpose so long as the Intermediate Extension Fund continued to pay them. Ample justice was done to all intents and purposes, the levy being uniform. Since that time, however, a change has taken place, particularly in regard to new grants now made payable to secondary schools which are held to lie outside this levy, and as a result of these changes there is undoubtedly an inequality in the incidence of this contribution on the counties and county boroughs of Wales. In one or two cases Amendments have been made, but, generally speaking, the inequality remains and has caused a considerable amount of dissatisfaction and friction in Wales. There is no doubt it is desirable to make an amendment in the basis on which this contribution is to be made in the future. I am glad to be able to inform the Committee that the Central Welsh Board has very carefully considered the terms of the Amendment, and so, too, have all the county and borough governing bodies in Wales, and the great majority of these governing bodies are agreed not only as to the necessity of the change being brought about, but also as to the terms set forth in this Clause. In proposing this alternative basis of contribution, the object is not in any way to increase the amount which is payable for the purposes of a Central Welsh Board, but it is to secure a just and uniform rate of contribution from the various local authorities interested; and, inasmuch as this Clause has behind it so much support, I hope my right hon. Friend will be able to accept it.


My hon. Friend has stated fully and fairly the case for the Clause, which we are prepared to accept.

Question put, and agreed to.

Clause added to the Bill.