HC Deb 01 August 1918 vol 109 c610

asked the Home Secretary what is the existing practice in regard to the marriage of British subjects with enemy aliens in this country?


Interned alien enemies are not allowed to marry. In the case of those who are not interned there is no direct power to prohibit marriage between a British subject and an alien enemy, but such a marriage can be prevented by interning or repatriating the alien enemy, and earlier in the War, it became necessary to take steps for that purpose, particularly in the case of German women who attempted to escape their liability to repatriation by going through the form of marriage with a British subject. All cases, therefore, in which one of the parties to a proposed marriage is an alien enemy are now reported to the Home Office, and such marriages are not generally allowed except in the case of persons who, though technically enemies, belong to races which are friendly to the cause of the Allies.

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