HC Deb 23 November 1917 vol 99 cc1532-3

asked the Home Secretary whether the new Regulations under the Defence of the Realm Act dealing with the publishing, printing, and distributing of leaflets and pamphlets relating to the present war or the terms and conditions of peace apply also to books; if not, how he proposes to differentiate between a pamphlet and a book, whether by size, or binding, or price; and whether an author can write free from censorship in a book what he could not write free from censorship in a pamphlet?


It would be for the Court before which proceedings were taken to decide whether any particular publication came within the terms of the Regulation, and my right hon. Friend does not anticipate that the Courts will have any difficulty in distinguishing between leaflets, pamphlets, and circulars to which the Regulation applies and books which are not affected by it.