HC Deb 14 March 1917 vol 91 c1064

asked the Prime Minister whether he is aware that on 2nd February M. Poirer de Narcay, in the French Chamber of Deputies, proposed an Amendment to a Bill dealing with military exemptions to require subjects of Allied nations liable to service in their native countries to present themselves for service, and that the Chamber rejected the Amendment by 325 votes to 124; and I whether, in view of this decision by the Parliament of our Ally, he proposes to persist in asking the House of Commons to adopt the opposite policy?

The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER (Mr. Bonar Law)

I am informed that the issue presented to the French Chamber was not as stated by the hon. Member, The second part of his question does not, therefore, arise.


In what respect is: what I have stated in the question incorrect, as I have taken it directly out of "Le Temps"?


I have not looked into that exactly, but I understand that the matter is being dealt with by the French Army Commission in another way, and that that was one of the reasons for what was done.

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