HC Deb 14 June 1917 vol 94 cc1098-9

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs upon what terms prisoners of war are exchanged between Germany and France; upon what terms between Germany and this country; and what progress has been made in effecting a larger exchange of prisoners than heretofore?


asked the hon. Member for Sheffield (Central Division) whether an arrangement has been made between Germany and England for the internment in Switzerland of all military prisoners who have been captive eighteen months; and if the Government will extend the benefit of this arrangement to all British civilian prisoners who have already been interned for two years and a half and more?

Mr. JAMES HOPE (Lord of the Treasury)

We have just heard from the French, Government that an extended agreement for the repatriation of French and German incapacitated combatant prisoners has been in force for a week, but we do not yet know the details. The only agreement in force between His Majesty's Government and the German Government for the repatriation of combatant prisoners of war is in respect of those who are totally incapacitated from further military service. It should be understood that this reply applies only to exchange of prisoners and not to internment in neutral countries. A proposal of wide application on the latter point was made by us on 21st April, and we are still awaiting the official reply to it of the German Government.


Does the hon. Gentleman know whether proposals were made on behalf of our Government similar to the French proposals?


We have not, at any rate officially, any knowledge of what the French proposals are. Our proposal was that officers and men who had been for two years in captivity should be allowed, respectively, to go from England and Germany to neutral countries.

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