HC Deb 26 February 1917 vol 90 cc1674-5
32. Mr. LOUGH

asked the Home Secretary whether he can explain why the lighting of London has not yet been made uniform in accordance with the orders of the military authorities; whether he is aware that in some boroughs burners are in use consuming 3½ cubic feet of gas per hour in lamps which are almost completely opaque; and whether he will consider, in order to give a reasonable light and at the same time save gas, if it would be more advantageous for the lower part of the lamp to be clear but a smaller burner used?


The alterations in the method of obscuring street lamps to which I referred on the 12th instant are being carried out by the lighting authorities as rapidly as the exigencies of labour will permit, but I am aware that there are some lamps which still remain to be dealt with. A considerable reduction in the consumption of gas has been effected by the use of single burners in multiple-burner lamps and by substituting lower-power burners for those normally used. If the lower part of a lamp is left clear, the result is to throw a disc of light upon the pavement which is visible from above; and I am advised that, taking all things into consideration, the method of obscuring which has been approved is the most satisfactory.