HC Deb 24 April 1917 vol 92 cc2223-4
43. Mr. D. MILLAR

asked the Home Secretary whether his attention has been directed to the number of convictions for driving at excessive speed obtained against drivers of motor cars on their way to and from race meetings, and to the annoyance and irritation caused to the public by the sight of processions of motor cars proceeding to and from such meetings, and the discomfort caused to the residents in the suburbs and towns through which they pass; and whether, having regard to the feeling existing in the country against the use of motor cars for purely pleasure purposes at a time of national crisis, he will take immediate steps to prohibit the issue of any further supplies of petrol to the owners of motor cars used for such purposes?


My right hon. Friend has asked me to reply to this question. I am aware that complaints have been made on the subject of the first part of the hon. Gentleman's question. As I in- formed him in reply to a question which he asked on the 26th March, the Petrol Control Committee have already ceased to issue further licences for the supply of petrol to private cars which are not used for purpose of national importance.


Will the hon. Gentleman further inquire into this matter and see if more stringent Regulations cannot be issued, as a large number of pleasure cars are going about the country at present, and they must have access to stores of petrol?


I believe that the facts are as I have stated.


Has the hon. Gentleman information as to how many of these cars are Government cars?


I have not.