HC Deb 02 April 1917 vol 92 cc910-1

asked the Home Secretary whether A. Fischer, of 10, Selborne Road, Southgate, an uninterned alien, is doing printing work for the British Government; and why is he not interned?


The man to whom I think the hon. Member refers is Emil Paul Fischer, of Selborne Road, Southgate, a lithographic artist. He is a German, aged fifty-two, who has been thirty years in this country, and has a British-born wife. He was exempted from internment on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee, and no reason for cancelling his exemption has been brought to my notice. I am informed that he is not doing printing work of any description for the British Government.


asked the Home Secretary whether Joseph Tabbush, of 49, Princess Street, Manchester, is an unnaturalised Turk; whether he, S. P. Leibman, now known as S. P. Lee, a naturalised German previous to the War, agent for the Upper Rhine Insurance Company, and Martin Hirschberg, 27, Oxford Street, Manchester, naturalised shortly before the War and agent for the Baden Marine Insurance Company, of Mannheim, are all three trading as marine insurance agents, even doing business with the Government, obtaining information of the sailings and arrivals of steamers; and whether he will consider the desirability of not allowing persons of enemy association to continue in business of this character having regard to the action of the Germans on the high seas?


The facts with regard to the nationality and occupation of these three persons appears to be as stated by the hon. Member, except that Lee or Leibman, who has resided in Manchester for thirty-six years and was naturalised twenty years ago, is of Austrian and not of German origin. The latter part of the question deals with matters which are for the Board of Trade rather than for my Department, and I will consult with my right hon. Friend about them.