HC Deb 18 May 1916 vol 82 c1629 The following information regarding persons arrested in connection with the recent rebellion is announced:— (a) Information as regards the whereabouts of any particular prisoner can always be obtained by writing to the Provost Marshal, Richmond Barracks. In addition to this, the names and addresses of prisoners sent to England are communicated to the Press. (b) It is possible that persons may have been in advertently arrested who have had no connection whatever with the rebellion or with the movement which fomented it. The military authorities are most anxious that such persons should be released forthwith, and printed forms on which release may be claimed, and which are framed to facilitate a rapid investigation, have now been issued to commandants of places of detention, who have received instructions to assist any illiterate prisoner in filling up the same. The forms when completed are sent to the Provost Marshal at Richmond Bar racks. They are then carefully compared with the information in possession of the military authorities and, if the facts justify it, the release of the prisoners concerned is immediately ordered, and they are sent back to the place where they were arrested. Applications soliciting release of prisoners will receive consideration when the prisoner's claim is being dealt with. (c)Prisoners have been told that, if they desire to see their legal advisers, they should inform the commandant, who will make the necessary arrangements accordingly.