HC Deb 10 May 1916 vol 82 c650

asked the Under-Secretary for War whether, in granting exemptions to members of authorised fire brigades, the voluntary fire brigades of the local authorities are included; and, if not, is he aware that large and important munition areas are entirely served by these voluntary brigades, and that the undue depletion of these brigades of trained men will be a menace to the localities?


No special privileges are given to part time firemen engaged in a voluntary fire brigade. Such men can, if they so desire, apply to the local tribunal for certificates of exemption. Such exemption can be granted on the ground of the man's work as a fireman being his principal and usual occupation. A full-time fireman solely employed as a permanent fireman engaged in a voluntary fire brigade can claim the privileges given by the list of certified occupations, except in the case of a single man under the age of twenty-five, who has no special privileges after 1st July, 1916. The importance of safeguarding munition areas has been fully recognised, but in view of the fact that the British Fire Prevention Committee consider that the reasonable time for training a substitute for a fireman, of military age in a voluntary fire brigade is only two months, it is hoped that other men not eligible for enlistment will be trained to perform fire brigade duties.