HC Deb 01 June 1916 vol 82 c2904
66. Mr. MORTON

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he is aware that injury may be done to recruiting for the Naval Reserve if tribunals are allowed to refuse to recognise one member of a family as effectively transferred to the Naval Reserve where the man is still waiting to be called up and another member of the same family is appealing upon other grounds; if he will take steps to prevent a preference for service in the Navy on the part of one member of a family being held as interfering with or detrimental to the merits of an appeal by another member of the same family; and if he will have instructions issued to the tribunals prescribing that where a man is placed upon the list of the Naval Reserve he is entirely at the convenience of the Admiralty and is to be considered as finally disposed of so far as the tribunals are concerned?


My hon. Friend's question should be addressed to the War Office. The Admiralty have no authority over these tribunals, who, however, have no jurisdiction over men who have enrolled in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Section Y) under the Naval Group system and are waiting to be called up for active service in the Navy. I ought, perhaps, to add that no men are accepted for enrolment in Navy groups who will not be available for active service by the end of September this year.