HC Deb 26 July 1916 vol 84 cc1652-3

asked the Secretary of State for War, in view of the fact that the War is now costing £6,000,000 a day and that there is every possibility of a .still further increase, and having regard to the Government's action in spending large sums on posters and propaganda for the purpose of obtaining national economy, will he say whether, in the motor transport depots all over the country, slightly damaged motor tyre tubes, costing from 20s. upwards, are being scrapped; and, seeing that the Government Departments are in possession of a new and adequate means of permanently repairing these tubes in a few minutes without the aid of expensive plant or highly paid mechanics at a low cost, can he state why this method is not being used more extensively; and whether it is the custom for the motor transport depots to sell these damaged tubes in bulk to dealers at any price they think fit, and at considerable loss to the country?


I have no reason to suppose that motor-tyre tubes which can be repaired by any means and made serviceable again are being scrapped. The second part of the question, therefore, does not arise.


Will the hon. Member say whether the Committee which is inquiring into possible economies in the spending Departments is still in existence?


That does not arise out of this question.


Will the hon. Member grant me facilities for proving that I am right in what I have put down?


Yes, certainly; if the hon. Member can give me any assistance of that kind I shall be very grateful to him.