HC Deb 11 January 1916 vol 77 c1451
41. Mr. J. P. FARRELL

asked the Chief Secretary whether the Estates Commissioners have sanctioned the proposal of Mr. Michael Murphy, publican, and formerly of Lisryan, county Longford, to obtain a large holding on the Killasonna property to the exclusion of a number of small farmers and labourers in the vicinity; whether any scheme of division of these lands has yet been approved; whether he is aware that Mr. Murphy has taken along with these lands some gardens which were the only means of living the gamekeeper of the Killasonna desmesne had; and will the Commissioners make further inquiries into this matter with a view to the proper division of these lands?


The case referred to appears to be one where the registered owner of land which was purchased under the Land Purchase Acts has, as he had full power to do, sold his interest in the land in question subject to the payment of the land purchase annuity. The late owner applied for liberty to sell a small portion of the lands, amounting to 8 acres, 2 roods, 20 perches, to an adjoining tenant purchaser subject to an apportional part of the annuity, to which application the Commissioners consented, and it is for the parties interested to complete this transaction if they so desire.


Have the Commissioners proposed any scheme for the division of this land?


No. They will consider generally in the neighbourhood whether any scheme can be come to.