HC Deb 17 February 1916 vol 80 cc240-1

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War whether all soldiers in all parts of the British Islands are now receiving a similar ration or whether some soldiers in one command are being given three-quarters of a pound of meat per day while others only a few miles distant in different commands receive a full pound; whether in one military area, in which there have been approximately 20,000 troops in training, the former amount of three-quarters of a pound has been issued now for a considerable period, and that this issue has been found from the experience of the men themselves to be both ample and satisfactory; whether in this area, since the issue has been confined to three-quarters of a pound per man there has been, as is generally admitted, an appreciable diminution in preventable waste; if he will explain why, as no complaints, with one exception which after investigation was freely withdrawn, against the diminished issue have been received, why the larger and more costly ration has not been similarly reduced in the Aldershot and other commands; if he can ascertain how much the saving has already amounted to at Shorncliffe since the change was introduced by the Canadian Force; and if he can say how much additional saving would be effected if the change was extended to Bramshott and all the commands in the British Islands respectively?


An official instruction dealing with this subject, of which I will send my hon. Friend a copy, has now been issued.