HC Deb 22 September 1915 vol 74 cc445-6

asked the Minister of Munitions by whom the record of conditions prevailing when the establishment became a controlled establishment (Schedule II. of the Munitions Act) has to be kept; whether such record is open to the inspection by the workers themselves or by a representative of the trade union concerned; whether any, and, if so, approximately, how many inspections of such records have yet been made by representatives of the Government; whether copies of such records are preserved in the Munitions Department; if not, whether he will consider the desirability of this precaution being taken for their preservation and authenticity; whether among the departures from previous practice required to be recorded there is included the list of piece-work rates that is introduced on a change from time to piece, and any alteration subsequently made in that list; whether the Munitions Department pre- serves such lists of piece-work rates for subsequent reference; and, if not, whether this will be done?


Schedule II. of the Munitions of War Act imposes on the owner of every controlled establishment the obligation to keep a record of the nature of the departure from the conditions prevailing when the establishment became a controlled establishment. This record is to be open to inspection by the authorised representative of the Government. As regards the other points raised in the question, my right hon. Friend is at present taking advice as to the steps necessary to secure that this provision of the Schedule is effective for its purpose, and perhaps my hon. Friend will address a further question to him at a later date.