HC Deb 12 October 1915 vol 74 c1217

I wish to ask the Prime Minister the business which is to be taken to-day and during the rest of the week? I would also take this opportunity of asking whether he has any statement which he desires to make with regard to the position in Serbia, and, if so, when he proposes to make it?


To-day the Chancellor of the Exchequer will introduce the American Loan Bill, and we hope that the House may now pass it through all its stages, as the matter is urgent.

To-morrow we shall take the Second Beading of the Finance (No. 3) Bill.

On Thursday my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs will make a statement as to the course of events in the Balkans. After that we shall take the Second Beading of the Postal and Telegraph Bates Bill, and the Lords Amendments to the Naval and Military War Pensions Bill.


As the Finance Bill has only been circulated, and it differs in some respects very largely from what we had expected, and as my right hon. Friend said that he would give us time to consider it, I desire to know whether in the circumstances, if possible, he would not put off the Second Beading of the Finance Bill, say, to the beginning of next week?


I do not think that that course would be in accordance with the general wish of the House. The remainder of the time has been taken. The main proposals of the Bill are well known, and I do not see why we should not proceed with the discussion of the Second Beading to-morrow.