HC Deb 05 May 1915 vol 71 cc1081-2

Beamish's Divorce Bill [Lords],

Denny's Divorce Bill [Lords],

Read the third time, and passed, without Amendment.

Chelmsford Corporation Gas Bill,

Southend Water Bill,

As amended, considered; to be read the third time.

Read a second time, and committed.

Electric Lighting Provisional Orders (No. 3) Bill, To confirm Provisional Orders made by the Board of Trade under the Electric Lighting Acts, 1882 to 1909, relating to Andover, Boston and District, Chipstead and District, Connah's Quay, East Grin-stead Urban District, Selby and District, Southampton (Extension), and Street and District." Presented by Mr. ROBERTSON; read the first time; referred to the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills, and to be printed. [Bill 70.]

Caledonian Railway Order Confirmation Bill, To confirm a Provisional Order under the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1899, relating to the Caledonian Railway." Presented by Mr. M'KINNON WOOD; and ordered (under Section 7 of the Act) to be considered To-morrow.

Railway Bills (Group 1),

Sir Tudor Walters reported from the Committee on Group 1 of Railway Bills; That, for the convenience of parties, the Committee had adjourned till Tuesday next, at half-past Eleven of the clock.

Report to lie upon the Table.

Tramways Provisional Orders Bill,

Reported, with Amendments [Provivisional Orders confirmed]; Report to lie upon the Table, and to be printed.

Bill, as amended, to be considered To-morrow.

Ilfracombe Gas Bill [Lords],

Deaf and Dumb Poor Asylums Bill [Lords],

Reported, with Amendments; Reports to lie upon the Table, and to be printed.

Neath Canal Navigation Bill [Lords].

Reported, with an Amendment; Report to lie upon the Table.

Message from the Lords.

That they have agreed to,—

Liverpool Corporation Bill, with an Amendment.

That they have passed a Bill, intituled "An Act to authorise the Sutton District Water Company to raise further moneys; and for other purposes." [Sutton District Water Bill [Lords.]

Also, a Bill, intituled, "An Act to confer further powers on the Northwich Gas Company; and for other purposes." [Northwich Gas Bill [Lords.]

And also, a Bill, intituled, "An Act for conferring further powers on the Altrincham Gas Company, and for providing for the raising of additional capital; and for other purposes." [Altrincham Gas Bill [Lords.]

Read the first time; and referred to the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills.

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