HC Deb 04 May 1915 vol 71 c1005

I now come to non-tax revenue. Post Office: £30,400,000, as against £29,650,000 last year, an increase of £750,000. That is due to an increase in the number of letters which are posted in consequence of the War. Crown lands: Revenue £530,000, a decrease of £15,000; receipts from Suez Canal shares and from odds and ends, £2,002,000, an increase of £725,000. That is not from Suez Canal shares, but from certain sums of money which are coming in, I think, from the Colonies. That is an increase of £725,000. Miscellaneous revenue represents £1,700,000, against £5,917,000. There is a considerable drop there. The increase last year was very largely due to the great demand for silver coinage. This year there is a drop of £4,217,000. The total non-tax revenue is £34,632,000, and the total revenue £270,332,000, an increase of £43,638,000 upon last year.