HC Deb 07 June 1915 vol 72 cc78-9

asked the Prime Minister what are the functions of the newly-created Ministry of Munitions; whether it is or will be entrusted with the supply of munitions for the Navy and the Air Fleet as well as for the-land forces; what are its frontiers as respects the duties of the Secretary of State for War, the First Lord of the Admiralty, the Sea Lords, and the Army Council; who is to decide what munitions of war are required, both as to quantity, character, and quality; who is to supervise the making, distribution, and execution of contracts for munitions; is the Minister of Munitions to be assisted in the discharge of his duty by a committee, composed of experts and men of large business experience; and, if so, will the names of such experts and business men be submitted to the House at the earliest possible date?


An opportunity of discussing this question will be given during the Debate on the Bill. The Minister of Munitions will further make a full statement upon its passing into law.

42. Mr. KING

asked whether a Supplementary Estimate will be submitted for the new Ministry of Munitions; and whether money voted for the purposes of this Ministry will be treated as a new service?


No Supplementary Estimate will be submitted for the new Ministry of Munitions. The finance of the new Department falls within the terms of the Vote of Credit and the Financial Clauses of the Ministry of Munitions Bill.