HC Deb 26 July 1915 vol 73 c1962

asked whether the roads at Maresfield Park Camp, Sussex, constructed during the winter of 1914–15, were constructed by the War Office under contract or day work, and, if by contract, what was the amount of the contract and the amount expended also on day work; whether the War Office have received reports to the effect that such roads were improperly constructed and are already useless, and that the moneys then expended have been practically thrown away or to a similar effect; whether estimates for the reconstruction of these roads or some of them have been, received; if so, what are the amounts of such estimates, and if for a portion of these roads the estimate is £1,648; and whether any steps are being taken to prevent such waste in the future?


These roads were constructed by the War Office on day work. I am unable to give the amount expended. A report to the effect stated in the question has been received, but I must not be taken as admitting that it is in all respects well founded. These roads had to be constructed in the shortest possible time in order that the camp might be occupied, and only work of a temporary kind was attempted. Work of a more permanent character is now being undertaken through the Road Board. The hon. Member's information as regards an estimate of £1,648 is quite accurate.