HC Deb 19 July 1915 vol 73 c1149
40. Mr. R. MCNEILL

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he has official or other information to the effect that the mutiny at Singapore in February when forty person were murdered was the outcome of German intrigue; if he is aware that white opinion in the Colony holds the Government of Singapore to be largely responsible for the seriousness of the outbreak through neglect of warnings received before the event and irresolution in dealing with it; that no confidence is felt in the Commission of three local officials appointed by the military authority in the Colony to inquire into the circumstances; and whether, in view of the attempts that have been made to conceal the gravity of the crisis that occurred and of the suspicions locally entertained as to the loyalty of one or more persons holding authority in the Colony, ho will appoint a Commission to go out from England with full powers from the Imperial Government to investigate and report upon the whole case.

The SECRETARY of STATE for the COLONIES (Mr. Bonar Law)

The information which I have received does not indicate that German intrigue was responsible for the riot, but this question cannot be completely answered until the report of the Court of Inquiry is received. I have no information as to the second or third parts of the question, but I may mention that the Commission now consist of

  • Brigadier-General F. A. Hoghton (President).
  • Lieutenant - Colonel J. D. Ferguson, R.A.M.C.
  • Captain A. R. Chancellor, Inspector-General of Police.
I am not aware that the loyalty of any persons holding authority in the Colony has been suspected. Until the report of the Court of Inquiry has been received and considered, it does not appear necessary to consider the possibility of a further inquiry.