HC Deb 12 July 1915 vol 73 c633

Aberdare Urban District Council (Tramways, etc.) Bill [Lords],

Northwich Gas Bill [Lords],

Read the third time, and passed, with Amendments.

Sutton District Water Bill [Lords],

Read the third time, and passed, with an Amendment.

London County Council (Celluloid, etc.) Bill (Suspended Bill),

As amended, to be considered upon Wednesday, 21st July.

Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, and Dukin-field Tramways and Electricity Board Bill [Lords],

As amended, considered; to be read the third time.

Glasgow Corporation (Celluloid) Bill (Suspended Bill) (by Order),

Consideration, as amended, deferred till Wednesday, 21st July.

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 5) Bill,

As amended, considered; read the third time, and passed.

Glasgow Corporation (Parks, Harbour Tunnel, Gas, etc.) Order Confirmation Bill,

Considered; to be read the third time To-morrow.

Irvine and District Water Board Order Confirmation Bill [Lords],

Read a second time; to be considered To-morrow.

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