HC Deb 05 July 1915 vol 73 c17
23. Mr. KING

asked the Home Secretary whether he has inquired into the case of a Belgian manufacturer who, on the outbreak of the War had lived twenty-two years in Brussels, who had married a French lady, members of whose family are fighting in the French army, while others are British subjects, who has not been in Germany for twenty years, who fled to England in August, 1914, with his wife and children, and who has since resided quietly near London not concealing that he was born in Germany and was technically a German subject; whether he is aware that this gentleman is above the military age and also medically unfit for service, but is now threatened with internment; and whether, on review of all the circumstances, this gentleman may now be exempted from internment?


It appears on inquiry that the German subject referred to was born in 1869. He is, therefore, of military age, and liable to be interned. The facts adduced by my hon. Friend will no doubt be fully considered by the Advisory Committee if and when the person in question applies for exemption from internment, which he has not yet done.


asked the Home Secretary how many alien enemies and how many persons of hostile origin or association have been interned or repatriated since the 18th of June?


I think it will be convenient to give the figures for the whole period since the 13th May. Between that date and to-day 7,144 alien enemies have been interned, and the total number interned is now 26,713. Between the same dates 4,800 persons (including children) have been deported or repatriated.