HC Deb 22 February 1915 vol 70 c14
29. Mr. HOGGE

asked whether advantage will be taken of the present circumstances to remove the naval recruiting station from Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, to a more prominent thoroughfare where the advantages of joining the Navy could be more prominently displayed?


As far as I am aware, the premises at Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, which I understand have been used as a Naval and Marine recruiting offices for many years, meet all requirements in the existing circumstances, and I do not think that there are sufficient reasons for making a change. Recruiting is quite satisfactory, and it would appear that if greater activity should be necessary a more fruitful plan than the payment of higher rentals would be expenditure on advertisements in local newspapers and on posters.


Does the rght hon. Gentleman mean that recruiting on the whole is satisfactory?


No, I did not say so. I am answering this question.