HC Deb 09 February 1915 vol 69 cc405-6

asked the hon. Member for Dumfries, as representing the First Commissioner of Works, whether he is aware that the upper part of the Victoria Tower is used for the storage of wood while the lower part is used for the custody of Parliamentary records; whether the whole of the tower was originally designed as a Public Record Office; whether the Royal Commission on Public Records has reported adversely to the storage of wood close to rooms devoted to the custody of public records; whether the Office of Works promised to take away the panels and other wood stored in the upper portion of the tower; whether he is aware that such promise has not been fulfilled; and whether he will, having regard to the danger of damage to valuable records, see that in future no wood shall be stored in the tower?

Mr. GULLAND (Lord of the Treasury)

The answer to the first three questions is in the affirmative. In reply to the fourth and fifth questions, the Office of Works promised to reduce the stock and carried out its promise. The answer to the last question is that the First Commissioner is considering a scheme for removing the remainder of the wood from these upper stories.