HC Deb 08 February 1915 vol 69 c243

asked the Under-Secretary for War whether the Linenhall Barracks were lent by the Board of Works to Lady Aberdeen for the purpose of holding an exhibition, on condition that the premises should be handed back in their original condition on the 31st October, 1914, and were requisitioned by the Government for military purposes on the 10th October; whether a claim has been made by Lord Aberdeen for £6,000 compensation for the loss of the use of the premises for twenty-one days; whether any accounts or documentary evidence has been produced in support of the claim showing the money collected and disbursed in respect of the exhibition; and how the Government propose to deal with Lord Aberdeen's claim?


The Irish Board of Works lent Linenhall Barracks to the Committee of the Dublin Civic Exhibition on the condition stated in the question. They subsequently offered a continuation of the tenancy at a fair rent to the Civics Institute of Ireland, which had taken over the exhibition of the purpose of its permanent activities in connection with housing and other matters. Before these arrangements were complete they were broken off by the military occupation of the buildings on 12th October. Lord Aberdeen has made no such claim as is suggested, but it has been proposed that the War Department should repay to the Civics Institute such a portion of their expenditure upon the buildings as represents the value for military purposes of improvements and additions effected. This proposal is now under consideration, and all the necessary figures are in the possession of the War Office.


Can the hon. Gentleman state what claim is being made by Lord Aberdeen?


Lord Aberdeen is making no claim on his own behalf, but on behalf of the Civic Institute, to the extent I have stated in my answer.