HC Deb 22 December 1915 vol 77 cc458-9
32 and 33. Sir JOHN JARDINE

asked the Under-Secretary for War (1) whether any measures have yet been taken to induce second lieutenants, lieutenants, and captains of the Regular Cavalry to transfer to the Artillery or the Infantry if promoted on transfer from lieutenant to captain and from captain to major; and (2) whether any inducement has been offered to lieutenants and captains in the Yeomanry to transfer to the Artillery or the Infantry with promotion on transfer to the next higher commissioned rank?


Steps have been taken to ascertain whether any Cavalry officer are desirous of promotion into Artillery and Infantry units, and each case is being considered on its merits.


If they supersede officers of the same rank now in the Infantry or Artillery are they to come in in promotion over the officers as they stand at present?


That is a very complicated question. I do not think so. I should think the answer is in the negative.