HC Deb 23 November 1914 vol 68 cc784-5
89. Mr. HUNT

asked the Under-Secretary for War whether, in view of the fact that, in the case of Territorial Reserve regiments, the men are often strangers to their first regiments, and that in consequence many object to being sent abroad in drafts to join them, but are quite willing to sign on for service abroad with their own Reserve regiments under their own officers, he could say if it would be possible to have two lists, one consisting of those willing to go in drafts abroad to fill up other regiments, and the other consisting of those willing to sign on to go abroad if sent with their own Reserve regiment under their own officers?


I am afraid the hon. Member proceeds on a wrong assumption. The Imperial Service and Reserve Unit are not separate regiments, but parts of one whole, and the main object of the latter is to feed the former. It would be of no military advantage for men to agree to go abroad only with the Reserve Unit, as that unit will not normally go abroad.

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