HC Deb 04 May 1914 vol 62 c42

asked whether any and, if so, which Lord Lieutenants or their deputies or justices of the peace have countenanced by their presence and assisted or abetted unlawful meetings or assemblies in Ulster for the purpose of training or drilling or the practice of military exercises prohibited as dangerous to the peace and security of His Majesty's liege subjects and of His Government by the Act of Parliament, 60 Geo. III., c. I; and whether there are any such magistrates who have notoriously broken the law and rendered themselves liable to the penalties provided by the Statute of seven years' and two years' imprisonment, and are at present empowered, as justices of the peace, to try and acquit or condemn any subjects of His Majesty?


As the hon. Member has already been informed, certain persons in the lieutenancy of counties and justices of the peace have been present at the drillings of the Ulster Volunteers, but, as at present advised, no useful purpose would be served by publishing their names. The case of any magistrates who have notoriously broken the law in this or any other respect will receive careful consideration.


Are some of those who have broken the law Members of the House of Lords?