HC Deb 26 March 1914 vol 60 cc539-40
77 and 103. Mr. ORMSBY-GORE

asked (1) whether Mr. J. H. Swainson, of Wrexham, is to be compelled to pay both employer's and employed person's contributions for eight months past in respect of Mrs. Guntrip, a charwoman employed by him on one day a week, who has been, and is still entitled to be, an exempt person under the National Health Insurance Act; whether Mrs. Guntrip is also employed by the local health insurance committee to char in their offices; why no contribution as an employer has been paid by the local insurance committee; whether Mrs. Guntrip's various employers were warned that she had ceased to be an exempt person until more than six months after employer's and employé's contributions became due; and (2) whether an exempt person under the National Health Insurance Act is entitled to medical, sickness, or other benefit; whether, when a person previously exempt becomes by reason of failure to fill up a renewal of exemption form an employed contributor, he or she is entitled to benefits and from what date; whether it is possible under the Act to recover both employer's and employed person's contribution from an employer who employs an exempt person or voluntary contributor, if the latter fails to send in a form for renewal of exemption for any defined space of time; whether subsequent renewal of exemption absolves the employer from having to contribute the employed person's share of contribution; and whether his attention has been called to the case of Mr. J. H. Swainson, of Wrexham, in these respects?


The Welsh Insurance Commissioners are making full inquiry into this case, and I will communicate further with the hon. Member.