HC Deb 05 August 1914 vol 65 cc2021-8

Considered in Committee [Progress 31st July].

  1. CLAUSE 2.—(Powers of Local Government Board and Commissioners of Works for the purpose of Housing Persons employed by Government Departments.) 1,137 words
  2. cc2024-5
  3. CLAUSE 3.—(Payment of Expenses incurred under Act.) 374 words
  4. cc2025-6
  5. CLAUSE 4.—(Interpretation, Application, and Short Title.) 340 words
  6. c2026
  7. CLAUSE 1.—(Powers of Board of Agriculture and Fisheries for Housing Purposes in Agricultural Districts.) 11 words
  8. cc2026-7
  9. NEW CLAUSE.—(Provisions for purchase of Land under this Act.) 375 words
  10. cc2027-8
  11. NEW CLAUSE.—(Application of Public Health Acts, etc., to Houses built under Act.) 516 words