HC Deb 05 August 1914 vol 65 cc2025-6

(1) In this Act the expression "authorised society" means any society, company, or body of persons approved by the Treasury having for their objects the erection, improvement, or management of dwellings for working classes, which does not trade for profit, or whose constitution forbids the payment of any interest or dividend at a rate exceeding five per cent. per annum.

(2) In the application of this Act to Scotland the Local Government Board for Scotland shall be substituted for the Local Government Board, the Board of Agriculture for Scotland shall be substituted for the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, and "burgh" shall be substituted for "borough."

(3) This Act shall not apply to Ireland.

(4) This Act may be cited as the Housing Act, 1914.


I beg to move, in Sub-section (1), to leave out the words "having for their objects" ["having for their objects the erection"], and to insert instead thereof the words "whose objects include."

Perhaps the right hon. Gentleman will realise that the public utility societies have other objects besides the erection and management of dwellings for the working classes. One of their objects is to lay out gardens in connection with the cottages, and to provide pig-sties and other outbuildings, and only a slight alteration in the wording would enable the societies to carry on their work.


It seems to me that Amendment would require the societies to be approved societies.


They would have to be approved by the Treasury, and that Department would not approve of a society unless its main object was the erection of cottages.


I am fully in agreement with my hon. Friend's Amendment, though, I confess, I am a little doubtful as to the proposed words.


I will consider the matter.

Amendment agreed to.

Further Amendment made: In Subsection (2) leave out the words, "The Board of Agriculture for Scotland shall be substituted for the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries."

Question, "That the Clause, as amended, stand part of the Bill," put, and agreed to.