HC Deb 23 April 1914 vol 61 cc1102-3
73. Mr. TOUCHE

asked the Home Secretary whether, owing to the increase in the cost of living or other causes, the increases of pay granted about three years ago to the police of the large cities of the North have been revised recently; will he say how the new scale of pay for constables in Liverpool, Sheffield, and St. Helens compares with that of the Metropolitan force; does the minimum pay for constables in the Metropolitan force remain at 27s. and the maximum at 35s. for men under fifteen years' service; and what are the minimum and maximum rates for Liverpool, Sheffield, and St. Helens?


The minimum and maximum rates of pay for constables in the Metropolitan Police are as stated. The scales of pay and pension have recently been revised in Liverpool and Sheffield. In the former the minimum and maximum rates of pay of police under fifteen years' service are 30s. and 40s. respectively, but this includes a rent-aid allowance, which in the Metropolitan Police is granted in addition to the ordinary rate of pay. In Sheffield the minimum and maximum rates are 28s. and 38s. respectively. In the case of both towns, however, the rates of pension are materially less than in the case of the Metropolitan Police. I have not yet received information as to St. Helens.

Mr. F. HALL (Dulwich)

Is it not the fact that the amount granted in aid towards the cost of housing of the Metropolitan Police is so small that it does not amount to the maximum amount paid now to the police of Liverpool?


Probably the maximum amount for fifteen years' service, having regard to the pay, house allowance, and advantage of pension, is approximately the same in the case of London as in Liverpool, but after fifteen years' service the London policemen receive an additional half-crown?


Is it not the fact that the minimum amount paid towards the relief of rent is 1s. 6d., and the maximum amount 2s. 6d., and therefore the amount in total is less than Liverpool?


The hon. Member omitted the third factor, the value of the pension allowance.


asked whether the Metropolitan Police who were sent to South Wales have ever received their pay for extra duty during the coal strike in 1912?


No Metropolitan Police were sent to South Wales in 1912. All the men employed in South Wales on a previous occasion had received their pay and allowances long before the coal strike in 1912.