HC Deb 16 April 1914 vol 61 cc305-7

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland if the Estates Commissioners have considered the question of issuing a final offer, pursuant to Section 43 of the Irish Land Act, 1909, for the lands of Rathillig, on the estate of John Kilkelly, Queen's County?


The Estates Commissioners had a preliminary inspection made some years ago, and informed the owner of their estimated price, but he was not willing to sell at such price. They have now under consideration the question whether they will reopen negotiations with him.

4. Mr. DUFFY

asked the Chief Secretary whether he received a copy of a resolution passed by the Loughrea Rural District Council requesting the Estates Commissioners to purchase 250 acres of land on Mr. F. S. Taylor's estate, at Castle Lambert, near Athenry; is he aware that Mr. Taylor has expressed a willingness to come to terms with the Estates Commissioners for the sale of those lands; is he aware of the state of congestion that exists in the district; and will he represent to the Estates Commissioners the advisability of acting on the suggestion of the Loughrea District Council?


I have received a copy of the resolution referred to. I have nothing to add to the replies given to the hon. Member's previous questions on this subject.


Will the right hon. Gentleman consider, if he has not already considered, the circumstances in connection with the request of the Loughrea District Council in connection with this matter?


I will bring the matter again before the Congested Districts Board.

5. Mr. DUFFY

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that the estate of Sir William Mahon, situated at Dernamana, New Inn, county Galway, has been sold to the Estates Commissioners for a number of years back; is he aware of the number of small farmers who live in the vicinity of this estate; and, in view of the urgency of enlarging the holdings of these small tenants in order to enable them to live in some decency, will he direct the attention of the Estates Commissioners to the matter, and state when it is proposed to deal with this estate?


The Estates Commissioners acquired the property referred to last year, and hope to be in a position during the present year to allot the untenanted land and turbary acquired for distribution. In alloting these lands the circumstances of small occupiers in the neighbourhood will be considered.

6. Mr. REDDY

asked the Chief Secretary if he will state what steps the Estates Commissioners are now taking, or propose to take, for the enlargement of the holdings of seventeen tenants in the townlands of Kilnagant and Barnaboy, King's County, which holdings are all under 8 statute acres in area and several are under 4 acres; and whether the Commissioners will take any steps to acquire about 150 acres of untenanted land on the adjoining estate of Stobbs for the enlargement of these small holdings, which have been reclaimed from bog and heather by the industry of the tenants occupying them?


The lands referred to are not the subject of proceedings before the Estates Commissioners under the Land Purchase Acts, but they have received a communication from persons in the neighbourhood asking them to acquire them. The Commissioners are not at present in a position to state what action, if any, they may take with a view to the acquisition of the lands in question.


Will the right hon. Gentleman say whether they will take any action?


They have not made up their minds yet. They are considering it.


asked the Chief Secretary what is the cause of delay in completing the sale of the Mahony estate, at Mount Collins, Abbeyfeale, county Limerick; and when the Estates Commissioners will finally deal with it?


The holdings on this estate are intermixed, and the Estate Commissioners propose to carry out a scheme of rearrangement, and to facilitate this they have arranged to acquire some additional land in the neighbourhood. The statutory requirements as to the title to this additional land are being complied with, and the Commissioners hope to be in a position at a comparatively early date to acquire such additional land, and to carry out a scheme of rearrangement.