HC Deb 07 May 1913 vol 52 c2021

asked whether the Admiralty intend to increase the pay of certain trades employed in His Majesty's dockyards; and whether the Admiralty are going to increase the numbers of men borne on the establishment of His Majesty's dockyards?


The decisions of the Board as regards wages, arising out of the annual petitions, have now been taken, and I am doing my best to secure that they shall reach the yards before the close of the week. Should an opportunity offer to-morrow on the Motion for the Adjournment of the House over Whitsuntide, I should be ready to make a statement.

7. Mr. FALLE

asked if it is proposed to revise the workmen's compensation scheme now in use in the Royal dockyards; and, if so, will the men be given the right to work under the Workmen's Compensation Act should they prefer it?


The period during which the present scheme is in force expires next month. The acceptance by the workmen of any new scheme which may be introduced will be entirely voluntary, and it will be open to them to withdraw from it at any time as in the case of the existing scheme.


Will there be no penalties, and will the men be just as eligible for service if they do not like this system and choose the other?


If a workman says, "I prefer the Workmen's Compensation Act to your scheme," he does not suffer any penalty of any kind as regards our service.