HC Deb 01 May 1913 vol 52 cc1361-2

asked the Secretary for Scotland what amount is paid for salary and expenses to Mr. Dunlop, Sub-Commissioner under the Scottish Small Holders Act?

The SECRETARY for SCOTLAND (Mr. McKinnon Wood)

Mr. Dunlop is at present paid a salary of £570 on the scale of £550, rising by annual increments of £20 to £700. When necessarily absent from headquarters on public business he is subject to the ordinary regulations applicable to the Civil Service as laid down by the Treasury for travelling and subsistence expenses.

35. Sir J. JARDINE

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether the continuing departure to Canada and Australia of the rural population of Roxburghshire and other Lowland counties is largely due to the delay in providing small holdings for qualified applicants; and whether, as Mr. Dunlop's duties in discovering suitable lands, in sifting the numerous applications so as to secure the best qualified small holders, and in meeting with and negotiating with landowners, extend over all the Lowland counties from Aberdeenshire to Wigtonshire, he can arrange to appoint a colleague to work with Mr. Dunlop, or to arrange that Mr. Dunlop's services, or those of a new full-time officer, shall be given over to the county of Roxburgh and the neighbouring border counties?


I understand there is a large emigration to Canada from all parts of the country, but no avoidable delay has taken place in providing small holdings for qualified applicants. Proposals for additions to the staff of the Board are now under consideration.


Has the right hon. Gentleman considered the advisability of appointing a new Sub-Commissioner in view of the fact that there is so much emigration and that people are clamouring for land?


Yes, I have said that a proposal for increasing the staff is under consideration.


Is it any good making any more jobs?

39. Sir J. JARDINE

asked how many applications for small holdings have been made from the county of Roxburgh; and how many have been granted?


Fifty-one applications have been received from the county of Roxburgh. The Board of Agriculture for Scotland have made application to the Land Court for an order to constitute nine new holdings and one enlargement of a holding on the farm of Kinninghall. The case was heard on 23rd April last, but the decision of the Court has not yet been announced. The landowner is not opposing the proposal.

40. Sir J. JARDINE

asked what judgment has been delivered by the Land Court in regard to the application of the Small Holdings Commission to make use of Mr. Scott Plummer's land at Lindean for the purpose of creating small holdings; what order as to costs was made by the Land Court, and whether and how many small holders are likely to be settled at Lindean; and at what date they are to enter into possession?


The Land Court have issued an order, authorising the constitution of new holdings, not exceeding thirteen in number, on part of the farm of Lindean. The Board hope to complete arrangements which will enable the holders to secure entry at Whit-Sunday next. No order as to the costs has yet been made by the Court. It is proposed to form twelve holdings.


May I ask on whom the cost of the inquiry will fall?


It will probably fall on the Board of Agriculture.