HC Deb 13 March 1913 vol 50 cc388-9

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether, in the arrangements to be made for the rectification of the boundaries between Roumania and Bulgaria, and the consequent proposed transfer of certain portions of Bulgarian territory, he will use his best endeavours to secure to the people of every religious denomination now living under the Bulgarian Constitution and residing on the territory to be transferred equal rights with other Roumanian subjects, and the same liberty to practise their own religious observances as they now enjoy; and whether, in connection with the proposed settlement of the differences between the two States, he will draw the attention of the Roumanian Government to their obligations under the Treaty of Berlin to respect the religious convictions of all classes of their subjects?


The Roumanian and Bulgarian Governments have agreed to refer the questions at issue between them to the mediation of the Powers, and it is a matter of general satisfaction that this has in principle been agreed to. But while the matter is still pending I cannot make statements about posible transfers of territory or conditions to be attached thereto without risk of disturbing the prospects of a peaceful settlement, though the principles advocated in the hon. Member's question are such as will command general sympathy.


Is it understood that hostilities will proceed until this matter is settled by the Powers?


There are happily no hostilities at this moment between Roumania and Bulgaria, and we hope hostilities will be avoided.

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