HC Deb 06 March 1913 vol 49 cc86-8

Effect may be given to the exemption of members to contribute to the political fund of a union either by a separate levy of contributions to that fund from the members of the union who are not exempt, or by relieving any members who are exempt from the payment of the whole or any part of any periodical contributions required from the members of the union towards the expenses of the union, and in that case the rules shall provide that the relief shall be given as far as possible to all members who are exempt on the occasion of the same periodical payment.

Lords Amendment agreed to: After the word "exempt" ["from the members of the union who are not exempt"], insert the words "and in that case the rules shall provide that no moneys of the union, other than the amount raised by such separate levy, shall be carried to that fund."

Lords Amendment agreed to: At the end of the Clause insert the words "and for enabling each member of the union to know, as respects any such periodical contribution, what portion, if any, of the sum payable by him is a contribution to the political fund of the union."

Reason for disagreeing to one of the Lords Amendments reported, and agreed to.

To be communicated to the Lords.—[The Attorney-General.]


I beg to move, "That a Committee be appointed to draw up reasons for disagreeing with one of the Lords Amendments; that the Committee consist of Mr. McKenna, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Buxton, Colonel Chaloner, Mr. Hicks Beach, and the Attorney-General; that the Committee do withdraw immediately; and that three be a quorum."

Question put, and agreed to. The Orders for the remaining Government business were read, and postponed.

Whereupon Mr. SPEAKER, pursuant to the Order of the House of 14th October, 1912, proposed the Question, "That this House do now adjourn."


Could we have an intimation from someone on the Treasury Bench as to the time for the Prorogation tomorrow?


The arrangement is that the House shall meet as usual on Friday, at twelve o'clock, to receive any messages from another place, and then, at 4.30, there will be the Royal Commission.

Adjourned accordingly at eighteen minutes before Seven o'clock till to-morrow (Friday), at Twelve o'clock.