HC Deb 04 June 1913 vol 53 c883

asked the right hon. Gentleman whether under the National Insurance Act single or married women entering Poor Law institutions for the purpose of treatment during maternity are entitled to claim the full maternity benefits; and whether, if this be so, he will take steps to prevent persons claiming treatment at the expense of the rates, with a view to reducing the cost of Poor Law administration?


Under Section 12 of the National Insurance Act maternity benefit is not payable to or in respect of a woman while she is an inmate of one of the institutions referred to in the first part of the question. The sum which would otherwise have been payable must, however, be paid to, or applied in whole or in part to the relief or maintenance of her dependents, if any; and in so far as not so paid or applied, is payable to the woman or her husband as the case may be when she leaves the hospital, either in kind, or in instalments, or in a lump sum, as the society may determine. The latter part of the question should be addressed to the President of the Local Government Board.