HC Deb 03 June 1913 vol 53 c788
91. Mr. BOLAND

asked whether the tenants on the M'Gillicuddy estate, near Killorglin, who purchased their holdings, have been paying interest at 4 per cent. since 1903; the cause of the delay in securing a reduction in the annuity to the tenants; and, if entitled to a decadal reduction, when will the tenants secure this?


This estate is the subject of proceedings for sale direct by the owner to the tenants, and purchase agreements signed by the latter were lodged with the Estates Commissioners in 1906. In their agreements the tenants contracted to pay interest in lieu of rent at the rate of 4 per cent. on the purchase money of their holdings. The estate will be dealt with during the present financial year, and the Commissioners' requisitions have been issued to the solicitors having carriage of sale.

92. Mr. HAYDEN

asked whether the Congested Districts Board have taken or intend to take any steps to acquire Creggane farm upon the Kyle estate, situated in the parish of Moore, county Roscommon, for distribution amongst the occupiers of uneconomic holdings on that estate, recently acquired by the Board; and whether the Board will consider the advisability of at once acquiring this farm, in view of the urgent need for land for the purpose of the enlargement of holdings upon the estate and in view of the further fact that the occupier is in possession of eight other farms, having an acreage of over 3,000?


When considering the question of purchasing the Kyle estate, the Congested Districts Board decided that it would be necessary for them to exercise their power to secure possession of the farm referred to, and they intend to take the necessary steps accordingly when they are the legal owners of the estate.