HC Deb 20 January 1913 vol 47 cc171-4

On a point of Order. I wish to ask you, Mr. Speaker, whether it is not a breach of the privileges of this House to pass a Money Resolution without going into Committee at all? Of course, I am aware that, under the time-table which has been laid down for the regulation of our procedure on the Established Church (Wales) Bill, the Money Resolution was with certain Clauses of the Bill to be closured at half-past ten. When the Money Resolution came to be put in Committee there was no sitting whatever of the Committee, and there was no opportunity for discussion. I find it laid down in all the books on Parliamentary procedure that a question of public money has got to be dealt with by this House as representative of the people. The taxpayers are entitled to have a sitting of the Committee and to see what the money is and what is to be done with it. We have been entirely and absolutely shut out, and I submit to you as a point of Order that, notwithstanding the fact that it is laid down in the timetable that we should have the guillotine at half-past ten, it is a breach of the privileges of this House.


I think it would be a breach of the Rules of the House if I were to upset the time-table. The time-table was fixed by the House after full consideration, and it is being carried out. I did not quite follow the hon. Member when he said that there had been no sitting of the Committee. The fact is that it is the only sitting of the Committee at which I have been present.