HC Deb 15 January 1913 vol 46 cc2053-4

asked how many firms tendered for the construction of the "Barham" and "Valiant"; whether, apart from differences of price, all these tenders were equally satisfactory in regard to constructional guarantees in as far as time and material were concerned; whether any of the slips capable of taking the vessels, had the tenders been accepted, have since been utilised for other purposes; and whether any of the unsuccessful tenders still remain open for immediate acceptance if the Admiralty found necessity so to do?


Tenders are obtained from all firms ascertained by inquiry to be in a position at the time to tender satisfactorily as regards time and material. This usual procedure was followed in the case of the two ships referred to. In regard to the second part of the question, the Admiralty keeps itself informed of the position. In regard to further consideration of tenders not accepted or definitely declined, action must depend on circumstances, and it is not in the public interest to state the position or action that may be under consideration in any specific instance.

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