HC Deb 09 January 1913 vol 46 c1377
89 and 90. Mr. G. LOCKER-LAMPSON

asked (1) whether a complete set of all orders, regulations, forms, circulars, explanatory leaflets, and memoranda issued up to date by the Insurance Commission since the passing of the National Insurance Act will be given to any Member of this House who applies for it; and (2) why omissions are continually being made by the National Insurance Commission in sending circulars, orders, regulations, etc., to hon. Members of this House who originally asked that all such documents should be sent to them; and whether such omissions are deliberate?


I propose to take Questions 89 and 90 together. The Commission has endeavoured to send as far as possible, to such Members of Parliament as have asked for this, all circulars, orders, regulations, etc., which are not supplied through the Vote Office and which seem of sufficient general interest. But there are a large number of printed documents issued or used by the Commission which would have no interest or value to Members, and the Commissioners have endeavoured to avoid troubling them needlessly with these. If, however, any Member desires a complete collection of all the documents which have been issued either of general or special application, the Commissioners will endeavour to supply him if he will be good enough to allow sufficient time for the purpose.