HC Deb 06 February 1913 vol 48 cc199-200

(means that certificates for the sale of exciseable liquors shall only be granted to an authorised public company, and that the surplus profits of such company, after the payment of specified charges, are to be paid to a fund for use for public purposes throughout Scotland in accordance with the provisions of this Act).

Lords Amendment: After "granted" ["liquors shall be granted"], insert "except for inns and hotels or restaurants in special cases in accordance with the provisions of the Act."

The House disagreed with further Lords verbal Amendments.

Committee appointed to draw up Reasons to be assigned to the Lords for disagreeing to certain of their Amendments to the Bill.

Committee nominated of,—The Lord Advocate, Mr. Scott Dickson, Mr. Eugene Wason, Mr. McKinnon Wood, and Sir George Younger.

Three to be the quorum.

To withdraw immediately.—[Mr. McKinnon Wood.]

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