HC Deb 14 August 1913 vol 56 cc2786-7

Regulations made under this Act shall be laid before Parliament as soon as may be after they are made, and shall have effect as if enacted in this Act.

Lords Amendment: After the word "and" ["and shall have"], insert the words "if within thirty sitting days after they have been so laid either House of Parliament presents an Address to His Majesty praying that any such regulations may be annulled, His Majesty may, by Order in Council, annul the regulations, without prejudice however to anything done thereunder, and the regulations made under this Act."

Enactments Repealed.
Session and Chapter. Short Title. Extent of Repeal.
20 & 21 Vict. c. 71. Lunacy (Scotland) Act, 1857 Section nine, from "provided also" to the-end of the Section, and Section one hundred and fourteen.
25 & 26 Vict, c, 54. Lunacy (Scotland) Act, 1862 Section eleven.
29 & 80 Vict. c. 61. Lunacy (Scotland) Act, 1866 Section fourteen.
34 & 35 Vict. c. 55. Criminal and Dangerous Lunatics (Scotland) Amendment Act, 1871 Section four, from "provided that" to the-end of the Section. Section six, from "provided that" to the end of the Section.

Lords Amendments:—

In the third column, leave out the words "Section nine, from 'provided also' to the end of the Section, and."

Before the words "Section eleven," insert "Section seven."

Leave out the words "Section four, from 'provided that' to the end of the Section. Section six, from 'provided that' to the end of the Section."