HC Deb 06 August 1913 vol 56 cc1671-2

"(1) Without prejudice to their obligation under and in terms of Section 60 of The Lunacy (Scotland) Act, 1857, the directors of the Crichton Royal Institution at Dumfries shall provide to the satisfaction of the Board, either in the Crichton Royal Institution or elsewhere, duly certified accommodation for all defectives who may be sent to a certified institution (other than defectives of criminal propensities and defectives of less than sixteen years of age) for whom parish councils or school boards in the counties of Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, and Wigtown, are responsible as the local authorities concerned, and for whom the district board of the Dumfries district may desire the said directors to provide accommodation.

(2) In respect of each defective for whom accommodation is so desired and provided the said district board shall pay to the said directors the cost of maintenance of such defective as approved by the Board, and if any difference as to the application of this provision to any defective, or as to the amount of the cost of maintenance or otherwise as to the interpretation of this Section, shall arise between the said district board and the said directors it shall be, determined by the Board.

(3) If at any time after the commencement of this Act the total accommodation provided by the said directors for pauper lunatics and defectives is in excess of the accommodation appropriated to pauper lunatics in the Crichton Royal Institution at the passing of this Act (the amount of which shall be deemed to be four hundred beds), they may apply to the said district board to make such payments as the said directors and the said district board shall agree to be equitable towards the cost of providing duly certified accommodation for defectives, such payments in no case to exceed those which would have been exigible for providing such accommodation wholly at the Crichton Royal Institution.

(4) If the said directors and the said district board fail to agree, the directors may apply to the Board to determine, after hearing parties appearing to have an interest who desire to be heard, whether any such payments should be made and the amounts thereof; and, without prejudice to any other power or duty vested in or imposed on them by this Act, it shall be lawful for and incumbent on the said district board to pay out of the assessment authorised by the Lunacy Acts and this Act any sums so fixed by agreement between them and the said directors or so determined by the Board."

Clause brought up, and read the first time.


I beg to move, "That the Clause be read a second time." I understand that it is a matter of local interest and has been agreed to by the Crichton Royal Institution at Dumfries and the local authorities.

Clause added to the Bill.