HC Deb 29 April 1913 vol 52 cc991-2

asked whether all sums advanced through the Estates Commissioners are chargeable on the Consolidated Fund; if so, whether, if a couple of millions of the amount on deposit in the Irish Post Office were advanced through their agency for the building of labourers' and artisans' dwellings in Ireland, the statutory obligation with regard to the investment of such deposits would be complied with; and whether, having regard to the need for more cottages and the rate of interest in the open market, he will devise some scheme whereby Ireland can get a little of the money deposited by her for necessary purposes?


Guaranteed Land Stock, by the issue of which money is provided for advances under the Labourers Ireland Acts, is an authorised investment for savings banks deposits; and such deposits, not only in Ireland but elsewhere, are largely invested in this stock by the National Debt Commissioners.