HC Deb 17 April 1913 vol 51 cc2161-228

As amended, Considered.


I should like to ask, Sir, whether in your opinion this is a Money Bill within the terms of Section 1 of the Parliament Act?


Subject to any changes which may occur in the Bill during the Report stage, in my opinion this is a Money Bill within the meaning of the Parliament Act.

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Application of Act.) 121 words
  2. cc2162-78
  3. NEW CLAUSE.—(Duration of Act.) 7,499 words, 2 divisions
  4. cc2179-86
  5. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power to take Security in Lieu of Taxes.) 3,129 words
  6. cc2186-91
  7. NEW CLAUSE.—(Liability of Commissioners of Customs and Inland Revenue to be Sued.) 2,219 words
  8. cc2191-203
  9. CLAUSE 1.—(Resolutions Imposing, Varying, or Renewing, Tax to have Statutory Effect for a Limited Period.) 6,010 words, 2 divisions
  10. cc2203-27
  11. CLAUSE 2.—(Payments and Deductions made on Account of Temporary Tax before Renewal of Tax.) 9,179 words, 4 divisions
  12. cc2227-8
  13. TITLE. 214 words
  14. c2228
  15. ADJOURNMENT. 16 words